Get Help Finding Your Lost Cat or Dog

Lost pets do not behave as you may expect. It’s important to learn about lost pet behaviors and the steps you need to take to try to find your lost cat or dog. Do not assume they’ll just find their way home on their own. They need your help.

Mission Reunite

The ​Missing Pet Partnership can help you:

Lost Pet USA

Lost Pet USA provides free access to a database of pets reported as found. You can search their database, register a lost or found pet and locate shelters, veterinarians, rescues or law enforcement agencies anywhere in the U.S.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most lost indoor house cats are hiding within a one-block radius of your home or more likely a three-house radius around your home? They will often hunker down and hide during the day, in the bushes, under a deck, in a shed or garage, and only venture out when the sun goes down.


Did you know that if you find a cat and leave it alone, it has a 60% chance of finding its way back home? If you take it to an animal shelter, it has a 2% chance of finding its way back home.


Did you know that your dog’s personality will determine how they act when lost? A dog who tends to be shy of strangers or who is known as “a runner” is in the greatest danger of being hit by a car, whereas a confident, outgoing, and social dog is more likely to be kept by the people who find him or her.


Did you know that dogs of all kinds are motivated by the need for food, water, shelter and other dogs? In wilderness areas, they are often found near natural water sources or on trails where people and other dogs walk.

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