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Dogs and cats have minds of their own and sometimes their behaviors are not what we expect nor what we want. But, have no fear. There is a solution: help them. Every animal has the ability to learn if they have a teacher.


If your dog or cat is suddenly exhibiting a new behavior or acting “out of character,” please make an appointment with your veterinarian. You must rule out medical causes before you can tackle behavior issues.


Once medical issues have been ruled out, diagnosed or resolved, you can move on to behavior modification and training. Force-free positive reinforcement is the only acceptable training method for pet owners. Punishment training, such as using shock collars, pinch collars, corrective choking or physical challenges, like alpha rolls, does not and will not improve the situation. It is guaranteed to make the animal's behavior worse. Please avoid these types of trainers.

Learn how to manage your pet's behavior yourself.

Choose an obedience class that's right for you. 

Hire personalized help for general training needs.

Hire professional help for more serious behavioral issues.

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