Find a New Home for Your Pet

First and foremost, we want to help you keep your pet in your family. Once you relinquish your dog or cat to another person or organization, you will have no control over what happens to him or her. And very rarely will a stranger do more or care more for your pet than you will. So, before you take this step, please look into resources that may be able to help you and your pet stay together. Do you need assistance with pet food? Housing? Allergy issues? Is there a behavior problem that you need help solving? Ask for help. There may be resources for you that you’ve never known about.


If you have exhausted all other options and resources, and this is your absolute last resort, there are a couple services to help you rehome your pet. We suggest first reaching out to your network of people you know and trust to see if someone may want to adopt your pet. A known person will always be a better option than the unknown.

If no one in your personal network can adopt, visit the below websites for help rehoming your pet.

Adopt-a-Pet & Petco, with support from The Petco Foundation, has created a free program to help you place your pet from your home directly to another. Visit their website, create a pet profile, review, applications, meet adopters, and finalize the adoption.

No Kill Network

NoKill Network has created a free service to help pet owners responsibly re-home their pets by answering a few questions. They will then help to advertise your pet and reach adopters (USA only).

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